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Quick One MCXLV cayne on 11.07.2017 @ 18:26
  No talking just the finest links:

- Gorgeous blonde gets her ass stretched! Plus: Lesbian queen Malena Morgan!
- This video combines everything men love. Hot woman and barbecue. EPIC!
- Girl gets fingered in London. Fucks given? Zero. That's how you do it!
- Latin webcam chick gets fucked like a piece of meat. Gotta work for the money!
- Black dude claims he got "heat" (aka a gun) - but instead he GOT heat! =)
- Probably the most stupid way of how to open a bottle of beer. Moron!
- Praise the lord for those insane tits. Plus: Playboy model Roxanna. Gallery.
- Cat vs. fish fight. Haha, guess who won the battle of the titans? Hihi...
- Intentional hit & run. Two morons meet. That's the logic outcome!
- Naughty MILF likes to fuck at the beach. That's how you do it in that age!
- Baseball better hits ball back into machine, gets shot at. Once in a lifetime!
- Car thief (on a bicycle) gets rekt by British police car. Well deserved, fucker!
- Solid amateur footage of a sexy girl getting banged. Good work on the vid!
- Bike thief gets to meet instant karma. Well, that's how it works my friend!
- Leftist turn German city Hamburg into a war zone. Fucking stupid morons!

Funny Four

I say goodbye for today...see you tomorrow with a brand new Funny Pictures update!

based on what assumption if I may ask?
11.07.2017 - 19:01:40

It's absolutely clear you're a fuckwit. The list of reasons is seemingly endless. What made you such a cunt?
11.07.2017 - 18:53:15

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